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Henry St John, Lord Viscount Bolingbroke

Letters on the Study and the Use of History

Editorial note

Note editoriali

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This HTML version has been conducted on The Works of Lord Bolingbroke. With a Life, prepared expressly for this edition, containing additional information relative to his personal and public character, selected from the best authorities. In four volumes, London, Henry G. Bohn, 1844, 4 vols.; vol. II, p. 173-334.

Typographic and orthographic characters of the original text have been maintained (correcting some minor misprints or mistakes; e.g. single letters missing, doubled words etc.). Page numbers of the original edition are pointed out in bold numbers between round brackets ([nn]).

Table of contents, which doesn't exactly correspond to the real partition of the text, follows the contents page of the 1841 edition.

Greek quotations (Letter III, p.202, note *) have been verified on Suidae Lexicon, graece & latinae, etc., Cantabrigiae, typis Academicis, 1705; the1725 edition, cited by the author, republishes the same text.

Every suggestion for the improvement of this edition  - helping to correct possible oversights - is welcomed. Changes of the original HTML version will be signalated and dated, with direct reference to readers who suggested revisions.